Domestic Industrial Participation

Our Ministry carries out the studies for increasing the domestic participation as far as possible in conducting the nuclear power plant (NPP) projects.

Our Ministry has been carrying out studies to increase the domestic contribution as much as possible in the execution of the nuclear power plant (NGS) projects.

Akkuyu NPP, whose initial investment cost is approximately 20 billion dollars, consists of approximately 550.000 pieces. The Turkish companies by gaining experience with taking part in such a large project will be able to be supplier in other NPP projects around the world.

Technical, financial and staff capabilities of the companies which fill the "Company Inventory Form" that prepared by our Ministry in this frame, are determined. In the form, there are information about our companies' products, quality documents, human resources, equipment pool, design and testing ability and production facilities. Company Inventory Form:


In the light of the information gathered, our universities, industrial chambers and development agencies have been carrying out face-to-face meetings with mentioned companies, under the leadership of our Ministry, thus existing capabilities are determined more realistically. As the second step, difference analysis reports will be prepared so that production process shall comply with nuclear codes, standards and certifications..