Energy Diplomacy

An energy diplomacy, one of the most important topics determining the direction of international relations, is (being) shaped with the purpose of meeting the requirements of this era in such a manner that serves for the prosperity of our people through diversification of sources and routes.

Our country like other emerging economies is facing with a rising need of energy. In this context, our basic approach is built upon transporting the energy and natural resource prosperity in our neighboring geography to the adjacent targeting markets and bringing this wealth into the global economy on the basis of a "win-win" approach for all stakeholders in the direction of common interests that will contribute to the supply security of our country and our region.

Our Ministry serves with reference to the unifying power of energy and making energy an assurance of peace by eliminating it from being a cause of conflict. To this end, our country in a new world order where the production center is shifting towards the east like the Silk Road in history, is furthering its position as a power in its region with its transparent, dynamic and sustainable energy policy as an important junction point with an inspiration from the archaic history of the geography where it is located.

  • Bilateral relations constitute the locomotive of our diplomacy. In the international arena, we carry out bilateral cooperation in all aspects of energy with the leading countries in the energy sector, particularly with our neighbors.

Also, within the framework of our relations with multilateral organizations, we carry out activities to ensure active participation in the related works/meetings of international organizations (International Energy Agency, International Energy Forum, International Renewable Energy Agency, etc.) and to increase our influence and provide guidance in the decision making mechanisms of such organizations as well as ensuring effective participation and visibility in global energy relations of our country in line with the political proposals of our country; monitoring and evaluation of the activities with similar structures and implementing necessary energy diplomacy activities for further representation of our country in the aforementioned organizations.

The followings are carried out to improve the relations between the European Union (EU) and our country which has a strategic role in ensuring the energy security of the EU, and to increase the legislative alignment with the EU’s energy acquis;

  • Programming, tendering, implementation and monitoring of the projects prepared under the scope of the EU’s Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA I Term), programming, implementation and monitoring of the projects prepared under IPA II Term with a view to the “Leader Organization” accreditation status ascribed on our Ministry by the European Commission for the use of EU grants in the IPA II Term covering the 2014-2020 period, composition of the "energy" section under the Country Strategy Paper for IPA II programming,
  • In the EU accession process, monitoring the implementation of the National Action Plan, contributing to the preparation of the Annual Progress Reports published by the European Commission, coordination of the sectoral technical working group meetings related to energy within the scope of alignment with the EU acquis,
  • Managing the projects and pilot implementation for the development of the energy sector with financial institutions such as The World Bank, German Development Bank (KfW) and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

The following are undertaken in order to ensure effective coordination of foreign capital investments to be made in our country and to lead international investors,

  • Conducting negotiations, meetings and visits related to the large scale projects (nuclear power plants, thermal power plant projects with large installed power, etc.) that will be realized between our Ministry and the countries and/or companies that are candidates to the aforementioned projects,
  • Carrying out activities such as informative visits, meetings, workshops, etc. between foreign-origin countries which intend to invest in our country’s energy sector and our Ministry, as well as our affiliated and related organizations.

Our Ministry, being the face of our country to the world in the sectors of energy and natural resources, has undertaken its fair share of the work with all its energy to represent our country in a manner Turkey deserves in the international arena.