Universities and Trade Association
The universities and trade associations wishing to obtain authorization certificate should make an application to the Our Ministry within the scope of the “Regulation on Increasing Energy Resources and Efficiency in Energy Use” published on the Official Journal no 28097 and dated 27/10/2011.
The universities and trade association, holding authorization certificate, provide the following services; 
  • Give applied training (Energy manager and survey-project training) 
  • Give authorization to the Energy Efficiency Consulting Companies 
Energy Efficiency Consulting Companies 

The authorization certificates can be given to the private companies which make application to the Our Ministry and the authorized institutions every year in order to carry out the energy efficiency services within the scope of the relevant legislations.

The Energy Efficiency Consulting Companies holding the authorization certificate provide the following services;

  • Organize energy manager training,
  • Carry out energy survey,
  • Prepare and implement Increasing Efficiency Project,
  • Consultancy.

The applications of the universities and trade association wishing to obtain authorization certificate are accepted in April and October every year and the applications of the Energy Efficiency Consulting Companies are in January and July by the Our Ministry.

The information of the authorized companies can be accessed from