Transit Pipelines and Projects

Strategic geographical position of Turkey between producer countries and consumer countries provide safe and sustainable route for transporting resources from Caspian and Middle East to world markets. In this context, for more than a decade, Turkey has been making significant progress and providing support for the large scaled projects.

Turkey is moving towards becoming an energy trading centre and is contributing to each initiative based on a win-win relationship and provides mutual benefit. In particular, recent developments have shown once again that Turkey is taking great strides towards improving energy security not only in its territory but also in neighbouring region with its versatile energy policy.

Since the 2000s, Turkey is playing the role of a powerful regional actor that brings together East and West with its very important contributions to the projects followed closely on a global scale and its versatile energy policies. In this region of the world, oil and natural gas has a role that can alter and can continue to alter the rules. In this context, Turkey will continue to pursue multi-faceted energy diplomacy aimed at increasing the energy security of the region and itself.

Turkey gives necessary support to the projects that aim to transport the neighbouring resources to Turkey and to world markets through Turkey in a stable and secure way. The projects that are realized by Turkey and the project that are in the agenda of Turkey are listed below:

  • Iraq – Turkey Crude Oil Pipeline
  • Baku – Tbilisi – Ceyhan Crude Oil Main Export Pipeline
  • Trans – Anatolia Natural Gas Pipeline Project
  • TurkStream Gas Pipeline